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World View & Teleporting
To visit other camps, you must teleport there. At level 1, your camp is under the protection of the Corporate Defense Network. That means that no one can enter your camp until you are ready. You may teleport freely to any camp without losing your Corporate Defenses. Before you can teleport, you will need a Teleport Matrix. If you have not built one yet, do so now.

To teleport, go into the Nerve Center and click "World" view.

The World is broken down into 3 levels: Quadrants, Sectors, and Camps.

Active Quadrants grid lines are White.
Inactive Quadrant grid lines are Light Green.
Current Selected Quadrant grid line is Red.

Select a Quadrant and Click the magnifying glass tool to the right of the display to zoom into that Quadrant.

Note:You can rotate the planet Hologram by holding right mouse and dragging left or right.

The colored squares are claimed camps, and the dark squares are visitor camps that are up for grabs. Click on one of the Sectors, then click again on the "+" magnifying glass, which will take you to Camp Select View.

Camps Each colored icon represents who it's occupied by.

Green is BruteForce.
Yellow is ToyCo.
Red is eXtreme.
Blue is InfraStruct.
No color is an unoccupied region.
Black shaded Regions are Visitor Camps that are up for grabs.
UN icons (Purple) are no-fire zones used for trade and commerce.
UNRep (Purple) are UN Representatives. These are for special events.

Let's try teleporting to an empty Visitor Camp. Once you find one, click it, and then click "TELEPORT INFO".

This will give you two options, Teleport and Teleport Player Only. You can bring Rovers with you on a teleport. To select a unit to bring with you, it must be within the Teleport Matrix Zone.

Once you have a Rover in the Teleport Matrix Zone. Click Teleport. This will bring up the Teleport Confirmation System, which gives you information like your current bulk, Transium cost to teleport, and units available to teleport.

A unit will appear on the right side, in the "Rovers Available" interface of the Teleport Confirmation System, select it by dragging-and-dropping it into the "Rovers Confirmed" interface on the left side. Teleportation cost is determined by your bulk (how much you are bringing with you) and distance. The amount you can take with you is determined by your Level.

Teleporting Restrictions If you only have one camp (ie your main) you cannot raid with full bulk until you build at least one TU camp. You can bring full bulk to defend and when going to visitor camps. Also, if you only have your main, if you lock you camp it costs you visitor dollars (currently around $5million), build an extra camp and that restriction goes away.

Rover Groups You can more easily load your Rovers by assigning Control Groups (using the CTRL + # command). Hit the number to load them into the Teleport Confirmation Window and again to unload them.

Returning Home When you are ready to return home you must go to the Teleport Perimeter, also known as the "Wall", this is the area between the teleport force field and the perimeter poles). Once in the Teleport Perimeter, hit the green "T" button on the bottom left of your display, or hit the "BACKSPACE" key on your keyboard. It will take 5 seconds to establish a Teleport Lock.

Note: The teleport countdown will be aborted if you leave the Teleport Perimeter.

Tanked, Flopped, Rendered Unconscious
If you are rendered unconscious in combat, you will drop and lose ALL items you are carrying. You will then emergency teleport back to your Home Region's Nerve Center.

Sending Rovers Home If you leave your Rovers behind, they will automatically retreat home. However, you can also send them home by issuing a RETREAT command. Be sure to get familiar with your Rover Commands before bringing them into battle, or you will lose them quickly. Keep an eye on your Rover's health. If they get low, you may want to send them home so they can heal.

When you are ready, click the "TELEPORT" button to commence.

Note: Sometimes you may get an error message "All Teleport Channels are full". This means that there are too many Avatars in the camp. The most Avatars that can be in one camp is 15 enemies, 15 allies, and the owner - effectively 31 players. If you get this error, you will need to try again later.

Onto Conquering Camps & Camp Management

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