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Abbreviations and Slang
Over its evolution, Project Visitor has come to be filled with abbreviations and slang referring to the items and events in the game. For a newbie it can be confusing and hard to know just what is being sold the first time you go to the UN at 1000005 and hear "I've got 20 trans skel, 5 bals and I'm looking for some mojos" or when you hear an MDN member say "There are 6 moths/del and some tit/bal at that alert". It is easy enough to tell what's what (del stands for deliverance, dis for disintegrator, etc) and you'll catch on in no time.

Priority Abbreviations
Active-A person who is active is someone who is online often.
Arty-Artillery. Can refer to Turrets or Rover Combos with Artillery weapons.
Ava-Avatar. Your digital counterpart.
BF-BruteForce. One of the Corporations in the game.
Corp-Corporation. The factions in Project Visitor which war with each other. Also refers to the act of selling Jitters back to the Corporate Market.
Combo-Rover Combo.
EX-eXtreme. One of the Corporations.
FP-Firmpoint. A Rover statistic.
HUD-Heads Up Display. This is the "object" which has the chat interface, info on yourself, on chat lists, inventory and other information. Also shows the general location of enemy and friendly units at the top of the screen.
HP-Hit Points.
Infra-InfraStruct. One of the Corporations.
k-Thousand. 1k of TU is 1000 units of TU. Ditto for Visitor dollars.
Log-see Log Off
Log Off-The act of exiting from the game.
LOS-Line Of Site. Usually in reference to Turrets or Rover Combos with Weapons that fire in a straight line-Arty (Artillery) being the alternative.
MDN-Abbreviation for Mutual Defense Network.
Mod-Abbreviation of Modifier.
Negative Main-A main in which the production rate is negative (i.e. the turrets, buildings and Rovers require more TU to support than the camp produces).
NC-Never center. A building.
Newbie-If you're reading this guide, you're one. Newbie is slang to refer a new player. It can be considered an insult if the person being called a newbie, isn't one.
Newbie Lock-To newbie lock someone is to take down all their camps.
Newb-see newbie
Prod- Transium Production. See Prod Rate.
Prod Camp-Production Camp. A camp used to build Rovers and other items in.
Prod Rate-TU production rate. This is the amount of tu produced by a camp after the upkeep required by all turrets, Rovers and buildings is deducted.
Skels-Skeleton Modifier. Refers to the Modifiers for buildings that add Resistance or extra Hit Points. TC-Toyco. One of the Corporations.
Tele-Can either refer to the act of teleporting or to an actual Teleport Matrix.
TU-Abbreviation for Transium Unit. Used to refer to transium in general.
TU Camp-A camp built for the purpose of selling TU from.
The UN-When people refer to "the UN" they are referring to camp 1000005 which is the one used most frequently for trading.
Uber-Uber anything means it's the best of whatever is being talked about (camps, turrets, etc).
Vis-Visitor. Can either refer to a visitor Camp or to planet Visitor itself.
Wares-Warehouses. Storage buildings.
Ware Camp-Warehouse Camps are usually high priority targets as they are used for storing Jitters.

Here are some common item Abbreviations.
Abs-Used to refer to InfraStruct's absorbent armor.
Bal-Ballista. A BruteForce weapon.
Cherry-Cherry Bomb. A Toyco weapon.
Del-Deliverance. A BruteForce weapon.
Dis-Disintegrator. A Toyco Rover.
Dread-Dreadnought. A BruteForce Rover
FAE-Fuel Air Explosive. An eXtreme weapon.
Kitty-Flower Kitty. Toyco Rover.
Gol-Goliath. An InfraStruct Rover.
Hades-Hades Horn. An eXtreme weapon.
Hell-Hellfire. An eXtreme Rover.
Kat-Katana. A Toyco weapon.
Mag-Short for Magrail. A BruteForce weapon with a long range.
Mark-Marksman. An InfraStruct weapon.
Mat-Materials Upgrade. A UN modifier.
Micro-Microhydraulics Upgrade. A UN modifier.
Mojo-Mjollnir. An InfraStruct weapon.
Mod-Abbreviation of Modifier.
Moth-Short for Behemoth. An InfraStruct Rover.
OU-Orbital Uplink. A TC uber-turret.
Prot-Protector. A BF turret.
Tit-Titan. A BruteForce Rover.
Vamp Armor-Vampire Armor. An eXtreme Armor.
Vamp Mod-Vampire Modifier. An eXtreme modifier.
Ves-Short for Vesuvius. An eXtreme Rover.

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