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1.0 I just installed the game and now how do I launch it?

1.1 Game patches and then crashed and I'm running AVAST software

1.2 Game patched and still does not connect

1.3 Browser Generated File Not Found! (what is pv.pvl, where does it go, etc)

1.4 Shortly after logging in my screen begins to flicker in random places.

1.5 Shortly after launching the screen goes black and then exists.

1.6 Game ran fine before patch 1330, now it crashes and I run windows 7

1.7 Having a difficult time getting Project Visitor to run on my Windows 10 machine.

1.8 Having a difficult time getting my mouse to work right.


1.0 I just installed the game how do I launch it?

    If you just tried to double click the ProjectVisitor.exe you should have seen a message that you have to launch the game from the browser window. Once you have created your ProjectVisitor account, selected your avatar and corporation and have picked a subcription (monthly sub, 3-month,etc) you will get a green launch button on your member page. Click this button, this will hand to your machine a PV.PVL file, if you get a box saying what to do with it, select OPEN file (make sure you have already installed Project Visitor before this point). This will launch the PV Patcher. If you get a box asking if its ok to run (PVUpdater.exe) say ok. If patching was necessary, when it is done you will get an enabled LAUNCH button to launch the game. If you were already patched it will automatically launch the game for you. Each time you want to launch the game you will need to be logged into the ProjectVisitor website and launch from the launch button.

*CHROME Users* - chrome by default will not open the PV.PVL file, and it will not let you open it initially. Just let it save it, once the file is saved you should get the file listed at the bottom of the browser window with a little arrow that you can click on to give you options. You can select, OPEN, or you can select ALWAYS OPEN FILES OF THIS TYPE. Then click the launch button again and it will run the patcher with the file and you will not have to mess with this anymore (if you choose always open). The PV.PVL file is just a special text file containing the login ticket information to get into the game and it triggers the running of the patcher to get you up to date.


1.1 Game patches and then crashes and I'm running AVAST software

    AVAST software does not agree with the anti-cheat techniques that ProjectVisitor uses. For now you will need to disable the behaviour shield(does not require silent/gaming mode) and then launch as you normally would.


1.2 Game patched and still does not connect

    You might even see this problem every time the game updates. 99% of the time it is your firewall software blocking internet access to PV. The typical reason is because the ProjectVisitor.exe has changed or been modified. This is what triggers most firewall software to block it. You will need to configure your software to let it have access once again.


1.3 Browser Generated File Not Found!

    Most of the time you can just relaunch from your member page on and it will work the second time. If not it is because this error is due to a bug in IE(and other browsers) when your cahche is full, it does not detect it and doesn't tell you anything. close all browser windows, go to control panel::internet options::delete temporary files::ok. Start a new browser window and relaunch the game.
Starting with win8/win10 machines, browsers started not opening downloaded files by defaut but instead either automatically download to your downloads folder, or if changed in settings, asks you where to ddownload the file. If this happens, you will need to download the pv.pvl file to the Project Visitor folder where ever you installed it. If the browser then lets you open the file then select open, if not you need to go to the Project Visitor directory and double click the pv.pvl file which will launch the patcher and then the game. If you get the browser file not found when it launches the game then you may have downloaded the file to the wrong location.
The pv.pvl file is essentially your login token to get into the game, the patcher is launched when you double click on this file and after patching the file is handed to the game and it uses it to verify the login into the game. Every launch into the game requires a new login token (pv.pvl) you cannot reuse an old pv.pvl file. Relaunch from your member page on to acquire a new login ticket(pv.pvl)


1.4 Shortly after logging in my screen begins to flicker in random places.

    Is your display set to dual monitors? Ig so that is the problem, you need to go set it to single and that should fix the problem. This will also fix game pauses when the system beeps from receiving a chat message.


1.5 Shortly after launching the screen goes black and then exists.

    If you have catalyst drivers us the control center to turn off Anti-Aliasing in the Catalyst A.I. options and relaunch the game.


    The other possibility is that your video card does not like the default resolution that ProjectVisitor selected. You can try one of two things, one, click on the reset video defaults in the ProjectVisitor icon group and relaunch, or two, go to where ProjectVisitor is installed and locate the file called videosetup.cfg.

Inside that file(open in notepad) you will see settings for full_screen_width, and full_screen_height. Change the value for width to 640, and the value of height to 480.

All video cards generally work with that and it will get you into the game. It will not look all that great, but once in the game you can try the other video settings. ProjectVisitor does require a relaunch of the game after changing the settings.


1.6 Game ran fine before patch 1330, now it crashes and I run windows 7

    In the Project Visitor install directory, remove the dgVoodoo.conf, D3DImm.dll, and DDraw.dll files and relaunch the game.

1.7 Having a difficult time getting Project Visitor to run on my windows 10 machine

    If you have windows 10, attempt to use the windows 10 only installer first. If you get a strange error, such as your video card doesn't support the resolution (something like 640x480), then right-click on projectvisitor.exe and set the compatibility to windows 7 and try again. If that fails then download and install over your current installation with the win8/win10 installer. The win8/win10 installer forces windowed mode and is configurable through the supplied tool called the dgvoodoosetup.exe, just make sure the configuration is pointing to your current installation directory. Once this runs you can use alt-enter to switch to fullscreen mode. If you need any help or have questions please email themartian at

1.8 Having a difficult time getting my mouse to work right

    If you have windows 7/8/10, and you are having strange problems with the mouse movement in game. For example the mouse moves smoothly in side to side movement but hitches moving up or down, or vice versa. Often times this has to do with your mouse settings in Windows. Usually from the control panel (or directly from the start menu) you can access your Mouse settings. In the portion of the settings that lets you adjust pointer speed there is a check box that says "Enhance pointer precision", uncheck this box so that you do not use it. Ok out of those settings and relaunch Project Visitor. Usually this does the trick.

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