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Building Rovers
Build a Rover Yard and store your Rover Jitters (these are like tanks or vehicles). Now build a Rover the same way you would weapons and armor. The Rover will appear in the paddock. Click on the Rover. This will select it and bring up a command list in the top right of your screen. Without selecting a command, left click on the ground to give that Rover basic movement commands.

Now try experimenting with other Rover Commands

Moving your Rovers To move your Rovers, simply select a Rover, and left click on the ground with your cursor where you want it to go. You can also hold down the CTRL key to assign up to 5 move waypoints.

Ordering an Attack To order your Rover to attack a certain target, select the Rover, and then left click on a hostile target. The Rover will attack that target until it is destroyed. If you do not give a Rover an attack command, it will automatically attack the nearest enemy.

Patrolling By default, Patrol will allow you to set 2 waypoints for the Rover to patrol between. You can also hold down the CTRL key to assign up to 5 patrol waypoints. Your Rover will automatically attack and pursue any enemy it detects. It will return when the target is destroyed or out of range.

Defend Select the Defend command and then click on a Building to defend it; click on the ground to order it to Hold Position; click on another Rover to order it to flank and defend it; or click on your Avatar Portrait to have the Rover follow you. A Rover on Defend will not leave its assigned target.

Hold Fire Hold Fire orders your Rover to Cease Fire. The icon above a Rover on Cease Fire will change to a gun with a red X. When a Rover is on Hold Fire, the command will then change to "FIRE". Click FIRE to tell your Rover to resume firing at any enemies.

Retreating Home The Retreat command sends a Rover back to your home base camp, or if you are already at your home base camp, to your Nerve Center.

Dismantle Dismantling a Rover will turn it back into a jitter. You will have to click Dismantle twice to verify the command.

Note: Rover commands have assignable HotKeys. Learning these HotKeys will greatly improve your ability to control your Rovers in combat. See a full list of hotkeys under Getting Familiar

Equipping Rovers
Rovers are defenseless until you equip them with weapons. You can also equip them with armor and modifiers. To equip a Rover, simply build a weapon or armor and then direct the Rover to that building's paddock.

Alternatively, if you are holding a piece of equipment that you wish to deploy on a Rover, simply approach the Rover and drag-and-drop the item onto the Rover.
You can also double click on the built item and then left click on the Rover to equip.

Note: You must be close to the Rover you are trying to equip when in 1st person mode. However, you can equip Rovers at any distance when in Nerve Center Mode with the items you carry.

Removing Equipment
Remember that you must remove old weapons, armor, and modifiers before you can equip new ones. This can be done by double clicking on the Rover and dragging the object onto yourself or the playfield.

You can Dismantle the Rover to turn it back into Jitter form. This will also dismantle any equipment attached to the Rover.

Note: Jitters left on the ground will decay after 1 hour.

Weapon Classes
Weapons and Rovers have "Attack Classes" and weapons mounted on a Rover must be consistent with these classes. The weapon class of a Rover is indicated by an icon to the left of the Rover portrait. The three primary Attack Classes are Beam, Ballistic, and Flame, but there is also Lightning, Sonic and Melee. A few Rovers can use multiple weapon types.

Onto Building Rovers with ARM

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