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Mutual Defense Network & CorpNet

A Mutual Defense Network, or MDN, is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. an MDN is a clan. They are a small group of teammates that are there to watch each others backs. No one can survive alone on Visitor. All the biggest guns, rovers, and turrets can't do a thing against a relentless team of well organized opponents. And heaven help the lonely newbie who opens their base without being in an MDN.

Joining an MDN
If you are new to Visitor, the first thing you should do is look for an MDN that is accepting members. To find an MDN, select the MDN channel in the bottom left of your display and click EDIT. You can search for MDNs using this tool.

To search for an MDN, type in the name of an MDN in the MDN SEARCH field and then click the SEARCH button. If you do not know the spelling of an MDN, you can simply enter the first few letters. You will notice that some MDN's have an "O" next to them. The "O" indicates that there is someone online that can immediately accept you. Otherwise, you may have to wait for an Officer to get online. The MDN names are colored to indicate the Corporation (eXtreme; InfraStruct; BruteForce; ToyCo),
you can only join an MDN of your Corporation.

Corp Chat
You can also try your Corporations Com Channel (C), this will send a message to everyone online in your Corporation.

Project Visitor Forums
Lastly, Project Visitor has a MDN recruitment section on the website, you can find MDN's that are recruiting or make a request.

Once you have found the MDN you wish to join, click the name to select it, and click the JOIN button. If there is room in the MDN it will be alerted of your petition and will either accept or reject you. Only the top 5 members can accept you if they are online. You can only petition to join one MDN at a time. If you want to change your petition, click the leave button. You can leave an MDN at any time.

Once in an MDN, you will be part of a new chat group, and will be able to speak freely with your new clan. This is the only channel that will gray out the names of players that are offline. All members of the MDN must be of the same Corporation.

There are a lot of benefits to being in an MDN:
The MDN is the only channel that will reveal when your associates are online or offline.
MDN members are alerted when camps are attacked, but only if the Alert System is activated.
You can alert your entire MDN and let them know that you need assistance.
     1. To send an Alert, hit the red "!" button in the bottom left of your screen.
     2. To send an All Clear, hit the green "!" button in the bottom left of your screen.
An MDN can help defend your camps while your offline.
An MDN that works together can easily conquer a well fortified base.

The Corporate Net is a global defense system that monitors the active regions on the planet. Its primary purpose is to offer assistance to new pioneers on Visitor.

When a new pioneer is under attack, the appropriate Corporation will see the alert. As a pioneer moves up in level, they will tend to set off less alerts, that is, an alert will not be sent out for higher-level players.

Check the Corporate Net - and check it often.
The Corporate Network is designed to help new pioneers find friends. It ensures that a new pioneer will always have help. It also gives you the opportunity to jump into a big fire-fight and perhaps scoop up Jitters you may otherwise never come by.

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