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Every object in Project Visitor has a number of statistics, even your avatar. These statistics are critical in your strategy planning. Most of these statistics can be modified in one way or another. It's important that you become familiar with the different statistic ratings.

Below is a list of the various statistics. You will see these stats on your Backpack menus and the inventory pages:

This is the amount of damage a Rover, Building or Avatar can take before being destroyed.

For Rovers and Avatars, this is the rating of the largest weapon it can carry. For Weapons, this statistic indicates how many Firm Points are required to use this weapon. You can increase the Firm Point rating of an Avatar or Rover with certain Armors and/or Modifiers (indicated by a FP +1). The largest Firm Point rating an Avatar can have is 4, while Rovers can go up to 6.

How much Bulk that object can carry. When this bar is full, the object cannot carry anything else. An Avatar can carry 75 bulk, which may consist of Weapons, Jitters, Transium or anything else. Some items, like Transium Wells, have an Inventory Capacity, but can only hold Transium. Other buildings also have an Inventory Capacity. Most can only hold Jitters - the main exception is the Warehouse, which can also hold built items.

How much Inventory Capacity an object will fill. Every object has Bulk, including Transium and Jitters. The more bulk you carry, the slower you will travel. Also, the more Bulk you bring with you on a teleport, the more expensive that teleport will cost you.

Most items on planet Visitor are Corporate specific. That means, their distribution is limited to the Corporation they belong to. For example, the Tain cannon is a BruteForce weapon. Only BruteForce members will be able to purchase Tains in Jitter Packs. Corporate specific items can only be built with the corresponding manufacturing facility.

How rare or common something is. All items are Rare, Limited or common. When you purchase a Corporate Market Jitter Pack, you will get 1 Rare, 2 Limited and 7 Common. Rare items are usually very powerful. Black Market Jitter Packs (available in the Project Visitor Store) have 2 Rares, 3 Limited, and 5 Common.

What an item basically is. An object can be a Building, Rover, Weapon, Armor, Gear or Modifier. This holds true whether the item is built or unbuilt (Jitter form).

A Sub-Category also referred to as Type. Not all objects have a class. Weapons, Rovers and Armor are divided into 4 Types: Beam, Ballistic, Flame and Special. Certain weapons can only be placed on certain Rover Types. For Example, you can only place a Beam Weapon on a Beam Class Rover.

The Resistance for an armor indicates what weapon Class it offers additional protection against.

For weapons, this indicates how much damage it can deal with a single projectile. Some weapons have multiple projectiles and may be indicated like 3x25 (25 damage per projectile, but it shoots 3 shots at once). For Armor, the Damage rating indicates the percentage of resistance it offers for a specific weapon Class. Damage for a Weapon doesn't tell you everything. Fire rate is also a large factor in determining a Weapons effectiveness.

How many rounds (projectiles) a Weapon can fire. The higher this number, the faster the gun shoots.

The range of the Weapon. This rating can be very important in determining a Weapon's effectiveness. Long range weapons can keep you out of harm's way. However, long range weapons are not very effective if they are inaccurate.

Rover, Avatars, Turrets and Weapons all have accuracy Ratings, and they all mean the same thing. Accuracy ranges from 10 to -10. Accuracy ratings adjusted outside this range have no effect. The accuracy indicates the spread or grouping of Weapons fire. An Accuracy of 10 is directly on target, while a -10 is about a 10 degree spread. Accuracy ratings are cumulative, so a Rover with an Accuracy of 2, using a gun with an accuracy of -3 with a +4 modifier would have a total Accuracy rating of 3. Avatars have an Accuracy of 10.

The splash damage or 'area of effect'. Weapons with a radius damage explode on impact, causing damage to anything nearby. This damage tapers off further away from the impact.

The Maximum speed of a Rover or Avatar (Hoverboard). Although there are modifiers that can increase this rating, the more a Rover or Avatar is carrying (see Bulk and Inventory Capacity), the slower it will travel. Heavy Rovers are less encumbered by bulk, and thus their movement is not effected as much as lighter Rovers.

Transium Units

How much Transium it costs to build an item.

The amount a Transium an object uses per minute. You will need to manage your Transium intake from your wells, with the Usage of your Buildings and Rovers - Indicated by the TU graph in the center of your display. Keep this graph in the positive, or your Transium reserves will run dry, and you and your Rovers and turrets will not be able to fire.

How much Transium a Weapon uses each time it fires.

Each Jitter is assigned a durability rating. The more complex and powerful a Jitter, the lower its durability rating (points). Each time an object is destroyed, the item and all its contained items (such as a gun on a Rover), will lose a point. Jitters will vanish when they reach zero points.

For Modifiers only. This indicates what that modifier can be placed on.

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