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    Alright so you want to give Project Visitor a try. You can select from many options (monthly subscription, 3-month or 6-month sub, and a week at a time as well).

Current subscriptions options:

  • Project Visitor 1 month subcription (recurring each month)

  • Project Visitor 3 months (non-recurring, discount 10%)


Here are some of the things you will need in order to get playing;

Downloading and installing the client. Here
**Optional** You can register a Paypal account, but one is not required.(unless you sign up for a recurring subscription in which case you need to create a paypal account) Here
You will need to register an account with us. Here
Select the type of subscription Here (Cost: monthly)
Now you need to choose your corporation (team) in game. Here
    More information on the corporations can be found here.
Now you will want to launch the game. Here (open the file thats downloaded)
    The game will patch to the latest version, then will launch. However, before you do that, you may want to read below for some tips on how to play the game. You launch the game from your member page once you create an account and sign-up for a subscription, you will see a big green launch button, press that to launch the patcher which will in turn launch the game. If you get a file information box about what to do with the pv.pvl file that it gives you, select open, this is the file the patcher will use to update your client.


    If at any time if you feel lost, be aware there are lots of players that are willing to help you. To chat with them press the "O" key and type your message. Lets get started!

    When you start the game for the first time you will be in an empty camp, with no buildings or anything. The first thing you should do is get familar with the controls. The game uses standard WASD controls but the most important key is F. When you press the "F" key it will toggle you from FPS mode to Command mode and vise versa. So get used to the control scheme because mastering that means it will be that much easier to play the game.

    The next thing you will want to do is place your Nerve Center. The Nerve Center is just as it sounds, the main building that allows you to build other structures and control your rovers(tanks) inside camps you own. It also gives you an overhead FPS view of your camp. To build your nerve center look on the far right of your screen and you will see a bunch of tabs in the GUI above your avatar. The jitter(unbuilt items) tab is all the way on the right, click it to expand it. Look for your nerve center, select it, and build it by pressing the build button in the top right of the screen. A ghost of the Nerve Center will appear, once you have it positioned in a good spot click your mouse and it will build it (PageUP will rotate the building).

    So now you have your Nerve Center built, enter it so we can build from the top down view. We now need to build wells for your camp (so you can make money). Next you need to find your Transium Wells in your jitter tab (same place the Nerve Center was) and drag them into your Nerve Center. Now double click on your Nerve Center and find the wells, and as before click the build button or press F9. These need to be placed on "HotSpots". Hotspots are a cluster of green crystals, as you did with the Nerve Center place these wells on the 5 hotspots in your camp. Sometimes they may be difficult to find, but there are always 5.

    It make take a few seconds after they are all built, you will see the a green bar above the chat box, this means you are making money(yay!). If you hover your mouse over your Nerve Center and press F3 all remaining unbuilt items will be deposited into your Nerve Center and you are free to build them. One other building you will want to build is your Teleport Matrix. This structure only serves one purpose, to move you (and your tanks) around the planet. Build the rest of the buildings in your Nerve Center, most of them are other production facilities like your Nerve Center. If you are unsure what they build, as with your Nerve Center hover your mouse over the building and press F3. Note, that warehouses don't build items, they just store them.

    Belive it or not, you just completed one of the more complicated tasks that new players face. Everything else from here on out are things you will learn from experience. If you have not done so already, I recommend you introduce yourself in World Chat (the "O" key). Players of Project Visitor are always very helpful to new players, so tell them that you are new and they will get you involved with the game and some of the more complicated aspects.

    Make sure to take a look at the commands and get familiar with the different options you have from the in game command line.

    If you have a lot of time on your hands you may want to read the tutorial, it is very extensive and offers a lot of insight into the gameplay of Project Visitor.

Good luck, citizen!


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