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     BruteForce is the combination of all the North American Military-Industrial Manufactures, Contractors, and Private Security Firms. With the World Corporations taking control, these forces combined their strengths and expanded their abilities to challenge the world at what they do best.

     Loyal to the bone and Brutal to all who oppose them, Bruteforce holds no punches and takes no prisoners. Reliance on shear strength and military tact to overwhelm and suppress their opponents has made this Corporation a force to be reckoned with. Commandos at heart, BruteForce relies heavily on powerful tanks, brutal turrets, cunning camouflage and advanced ballistics.

     Infrastruct is a tightly managed highly bureaucratic company with sometimes mysterious objectives. Built from the heavy industries of Europe, they eventually became the primary industrial supplier and contractor throughout the European Continent.

     Engineers and Designers at heart, their buildings are aesthetically appealing and architecturally interesting. Utilizing sleek solid designs, Infrastruct favors functionality and fine craftsmanship over raw power. Greatly invested in Heavy Industries, they are experts in material science, robotics, advanced transium uses, and real-time guided systems. Infrastruct Corporation gear is highly specialized in defensive systems; robotic rovers, transteel, ionized transium, tesla, and highly accurate guided ballistics

     ToyCo's roots are old and forgotten to the general public. Rumored to have come from the combined forces of Japanese ingenuity and creativity with Pan-Asian manufacturing, they were easily able to expand from the toy industry into robotics, auto-motives, computers, advanced electronics, lasers and optics.

     Down and dirty negotiators with an old-school business style, who have stuck to their roots and remain both formal and playful. Their structures are high tech while being heavily influenced by classical Asian architectural design. As the original inventors of the Rover and anti-gravity technology, they are always working on the next Hi-Tech breakthrough. ToyCo specializes in advanced optics, satellite defenses, advanced rover design, and anti-photonic based weaponry.

     The eXtreme corporation did not start out as one and is still in denial about it. Originally the makers of sports and recreational equipment, they must always be in the mainstream and on the cutting edge. With a controlling interests in sports events, players associations, music and dance clubs they are always where the action starts.

     Disdainful of authority and distrustful of outsiders, eXtreme Corp is unfettered capitalism at its best. Making the most profit when things are pushed to the extreme, its members are constantly being put into situations where they must kill, raid, and steal for profit and glory. The eXtreme Corporaton is all about speed, large explosives, ultrasonic and incendiary based weaponry.

       When Planet Visitor entered our solar system, the United Nations were quick to make sure no individual country could claim any part of it. Initially trying to create a peaceful world for corporate commerce, things quickly deteriorated, leaving the UN as the only presence left trying to maintain any peace and civility. Their camps are safe to all corporations and their technology can be purchased by anyone.

     As the only non-corporate entity on Visitor, their presence is light, yet pervasive. Their buildings are large and efficient, made to hold large conferences and store large amounts of supplies and equipment. All UN camps are protected by a unique defense system which renders all hostile technology useless. UN technology focuses primarily on damage suppression, healing, logistics and support.

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