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Levels & Prestige
The Level system in Project Visitor is designed to protect and train new colonists on planet Visitor. To get all privileges, settlers must progress through 20 levels. But there are 200 levels to keep you occupied.

In your mdn list, a members position is listed to the left of their name. To the right of everyones names is the number of days since that player last logged in. 0 means they logged in within the past 24 hours.

Please note that at Level 1, no Settler, friend or foe, will be able to enter your camp. Level 1 Settlers are also restricted from exchanging money with other Settlers.

Levels affect game play in the following ways:
Levels affect the number of camps you can own and alert. You will have to choose which camps the MDN Alert System will monitor. Levels also bring with them higher TU exchange rates.

Teleport Restrictions Before you reach Level 20 there are Bulk Restrictions on how many Rovers can teleport to and from your camps. As you reach level 2, you can start to bring a few Rovers, but others can only attack you with their Avatars. As you move up levels, you can bring more Rovers, but enemies can too. After you reach level 20, these special restrictions are lifted.

Hidden Camps Under Level 20, other players cannot see your Camp List in your profile. However, they can still find your camps on World View. This is merely a deterrent to help Pioneers get started.

Ability to choose when to Advance You will be able to purchase levels at a time
when you feel you are comfortable to expand your presence on planet Visitor.

In order to Level up, you will have to access the Player Advancement Screen by clicking on "ADV" located in the bottom right corner inside your Avatar's readout display. You will see your current level, the next level available, and the requirements to advance.

Raiding Points vs Camps and Assets
There are two paths to Ascension, and both require Credits. You can either focus on Raiding Points, or Camps and Assets to meet the requirements to Advance in level.

Before Leveling Up
Here are some suggestions before Leveling up and becoming vulnerable to attack.

1. Join a Mutual Defense Network (clan).
2. Build some Defensive Turrets and Rovers for protection.
3. Read ALL of the Getting Started Guide

If you are ready to Level up and meet the requirements (V, Assets, Camps, or RP), click the ADVANCE button and you're on your way. If you have already advanced beyond level one, and all your camps have been destroyed, click OPEN CAMP to regain the abilities of your level when you are ready to drop your corporate defenses.

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