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Economy & Supply
Jitters and Transium are the heart of the economy on Visitor. You can buy, sell, trade, or steal Jitters from other settlers and Corporations.

Visitor Credits Your Corporation has granted you mining rights for Transium.
That is why you are here. In exchange, the Corporation pays you in world currency referred to as Visitor Credits or V.
Visitor Credits exist as cash in the bank, and can never be stolen from you. You can use Visitor Credits to buy lots of things, like Jitter Packs for example, so try to keep some in the bank in case of a rainy day (especially if it's raining incendiary projectiles!).

To the right of your Compass (above the chat window) is the Total Transium in your camp, and to the left of the Compass is your Total Visitor Credits. You should have started with 2 Million credits.

Corporate Market Now that you have some cash, go into the Nerve Center
and click the "Market" button. Here you can buy Jitter Packs. Click the P (Purchase) button for the 1 pack Jitter Pack located in the Jitter Pack Purchase area near the bottom of the Corporate Market. One Jitter Pack gives you 10 new random Jitters in your backpack.

The Black Market in the bottom right is where you retrieve Jitter Packs purchased with real cash from Project Visitor's Black Market (BM). BM Packs contain 10 Jitters each. New Pioneers are given several Starter BM Packs to help get established.

To transfer the BM packs, first click on the BM Pack, then click retrieve. The Jitters will be transferred over to your Backpack.

Raiding Packs are bought with Raiding Points (RP). Raiding Packs have special items that are rare, like Healing Matrices, Infusion Armors, Lord Platings, and other awesome stuff. You get RP from blowing up stuff.

Defense Packs are bought with Defense Points (DP). Like Raiding Packs, Defense Packs also have special items that are rare, like Healing Matrices, Infusion Armors, Lord Platings, and other awesome stuff. You get DP when your camps defend themselves from attacks. If your camp destroys an enemy player, or an enemy rover you get Defense Points.

Jitter Exchange System AKA the Trash Bin
In the top right of the Corporate Market you will see the "Jitter Exchange System". Here you can sell back any Jitters you no longer want. You will receive 1,250 credits for each Jitter you sell back to the Corporate Market.

You can drag Jitters individually into the "Jitters to be Exchanged" box. Alternatively, you can hit the "ALL" button to transfer everything at once. You can freely transfer Jitters between your Backpack and the Exchange window.

Note: It can be more profitable to sell some Jitters on the Open Market to other Settlers than to throw them away to the Corporate Market. This can be negotiated over the World Chat Channel.

Jitter Filter
You can filter out Jitters that you don't want. Jitters that have been added to the filter will automatically be exchanged while buying jitter packs. To add Jitters to the Filter you will need to drag them from the "Jitters to be Exchanged" box.

Earning Visitor Credits
Visitor Credits will allow you to Buy Jitter Packs, gain Prestige, and Trade with Settlers from other Corporations that have a different supply chain. Each camp you acquire is another opportunity to mine more Transium and gain more wealth.

The amount of Visitor Credits you earn is impacted by several factors. A camp must have 5+ Transium Production or more, and have at minimum 80,000 assets before the Corporation will give you anything for it.

You get additional Visitor Credits depending on the Transium Production level of the camp, and the camps total capacity in terms of how much TU the camp can hold.

Your Prestige level and Exchange Rate will also boost your income. Every additional camp you own after your first camp will increase your Exchange Rate up to 0.10, with the maximum determined by your current level. So as you see, opening your camp and discarding Corporate defenses will give you access to a much higher exchange rate.

Tick Rate The sum of all income that each camp will generate is totaled and broken out into 10 second intervals. Every 10 seconds, the Corporation will deliver payment to your account.

Profile and Camp List To track your Camps statistics and review your profile,
click "info" in the bottom right, inside your Avatar's readout display.

Your profile tells you a lot about what's going on. If the camp's name is Red in color, it means the camp was attacked and something was destroyed since your last visit.

Other important Statistics:
V The Amount of Visitor Credits the camp generates every 10 seconds.
Capacity How much Transium the camp can hold.
Note: You can increase your capacity by building Silos and Hvy Wells.
Assets How much stuff is built in the camp.
Production How much Transium the camp produces after compensating the TU Burn on Turrets, Buildings and Rovers that cost Transium to maintain.

Note: If any of these statistics are Red, it means the camp does not meet the requirement and will not produce Visitor Credits.

Your profile also shows your Total Assets, and how many Total Credits you make every 10 seconds.
The right side panel shows the Mining Specifications and Tiers for meeting bonus requirements for each camp you select from the list.

Note: No one will be able to see your camp stats such as Income, Assets, and Production.

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Resources Getting Started Chat Commands Stats Credits Slang


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