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Using Transium & Healing
While you are in your own camp, your Rovers and Avatar will use the camp's Transium. When you leave your camp, and teleport elsewhere, you will need to bring a supply of Transium to fuel your weapons.

Filling your Backpack
Go to the Nerve Center paddock or go inside the Nerve Center. Hit the "+TU" button in the bottom right corner, inside your Avatar's readout display. This will store Transium Units into your backpack. You can also use the "F4" hot key to quickly fill your backpack.

Camps TU Production Status
Look at the picture above, just below the mouse cursor is a green transium bar. Hold your mouse over it and it will tell you what your camps current TU production level is at. When it starts to get low it will turn yellow and then red when it is really low. Be aware that when your production falls below 50 you can no longer buy TU from the market.

Leeching and Siphoning Transium
Leech Rover's can carry and steal Transium from Enemy Wells and Silos. You can also do this yourself using a Siphon Gear.

If you are tanked or injured in combat, you will heal from within the Nerve Center paddock (or inside the Nerve Center) as long as there is Transium.

Healing Rovers
You can also heal using certain Rovers; The ERT, Medic, Triage, and Goliath will heal any allied unit simply by being next to them, this also requires Transium.

MedKits Lastly, you can carry MedKits or Regenerators in your backpack.
To use a MedKit, cycle through your gear item's by hitting the "G" hot key. Once you have accessed the MedKit, simply hit the "R" key to use the MedKit on yourself.

To use a MedKit on a Rover, or even another Player, first open your Gear Menu list to locate the MedKit. Double click to Ready it, and then click on the target to Apply.

Healing Buildings
Buildings will heal themselves as long as there is Transium available. You can speed this up by using the previous mentioned methods.

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