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Building Rovers With the ARM Facility
Once you have acquired an ARM(Automated Rover Manufacturing) building (Which is not corporate specific, it is a UN building) your ability to build rovers changes significantly. Once you have an ARM, you should build all the primary buildings and place all the jitters used to build rovers into their appropriate buildings. Usually you can build more than one ARM, but at the time of this writing you can only have six unique templates. Meaning the ARM supports storing six blueprints of how to build a rover combination that you want.

Now try experimenting with the ARM building

Scanning your Rovers First, build your favorite rover combination using the typical facilities. Once the rover is built and fully assembled, tell it to enter the paddock of the ARM building. Once in the paddock, click on the ARM building and select DEPLOY. This will bring up the ARM dialog interface. From this screen you can scan rovers, manage your templates and tell the system to build your favorite combinations. You can also see how many of each jitter you have in your buildings to know if you are getting low on certain items. You should see the ICON of the rover you just placed in the paddock. Now click the scan buttong to activate the reading in of the rover combination and storing of the template as one of your favorites.

Selecting a Favorite to Build Once you have some favorites saved in the ARM building (note, any ARM building you build in any camp will show the same favorites, you can only have six) you can select a template to build. As long as you have enough jitters for the combination in the camp and in the right buildings (cannot use warehouses) you can now build the rover. It costs TU (and a few times the typical amount) to build the unit. The favorite selected will stay selected and as soon as the system is ready if you still have everything you need you can just hit build again and build another unit. Each unit takes about a minute to build and when done is in its completed form, no assemebly needed.

Managing Favorites You can only have six favorites, but you can replace existing templates (by selecting the template to replace and scanning a new rover in) or you can just delete unwanted templates and add new ones later on.

Multiple ARMS With multiple ARMS, even though they share the same set of favorites, you can have multi-arms build multiple rovers at the same time. As long as you have enough jitters and TU you can click on one ARM and select build and then click on the next ARM and build another rover (even a different one at the same time). Once the paddock of an ARM hits 25 units you will need to move them out to build more. If you run out of TU you will need to wait for it to refill or use the market to buy more TU. If you run out of jitters, you need to find more and place them in the right buildings to be able to continue building. This significantly reduces the time it takes to build as well as removes the tedious nature of rover-combo-building. As soon as you can, acquire some ARM facilites.

Onto Building Turrets

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