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Jitters and Transium
When the first probes were sent to Visitor, they made two very important discoveries.

The first was Transium. Transium is a high-energy crystalline structure that also possessed unique fluid-like properties. Biophysicists found that Transium could be ionized into a plasma-like state, yet still maintain its molecular structure. This allows Transium to be transmitted short distances within a high frequency EM field. Polarizing these fields allowed you to form complex structures at the atomic level. This unprecedented discovery will surely change the world as we know it.

This is why you are here. Your Corporation has granted you mining rights for Transium, in accordance to the Planetary Alliance Consortium Bylaws. You have also been given a V$2,000,000 grant, along with all the items needed to survive on planet Visitor. You will need to stake claim on the planetoid, and mine and defend it to the best of your ability.

Along with Transium, UN Scientists discovered a silicon-based life form called "Jitters" (because of their strange sound and means of locomotion). They were the first proof of the existence of extra-terrestrial life. Although some prominent Biologists argue that Jitters do not meet the definition of a life form, most scientists agree that we need to redefine our definition.

Although the discovery of the morphological properties of Transium was a scientific breakthrough, conventional methodologies to transform Transium into energy and matter were difficult and costly. This was until biophysicists discovered the Jitters unique abilities. Jitters can ionize and polarize Transium quite easily. Using nanite technology, they discovered that Jitters could be "programmed" to construct various objects, such as guns, armors and even buildings - just about anything. Once a Jitter is programmed to construct an object, only the UN can reprogram it. An Armor Jitter will always be an Armor Jitter.

Durability Jitters also have limited Durability. Every time an object is destroyed (e.g a Rover, Building, or the contents within) the Jitter(s) lose a Durability point. When a Jitter reaches zero Durability, it is destroyed. You can view a Jitters Durability by simply placing your cursor over it from your Backpack Menus. You will notice a number like 12/15. In this example, this Jitter currently has 12 of its original 15 Durability points. There is no way to increase Durability points.

Decay One last detail regarding Jitters, do not leave them on the ground, they will automatically be absorbed back into Visitor within 1 hour of being placed on the ground. Built items also decay on the ground but take 24-48 hours to do so. Objects and Jitters will last indefinitely as long as they are safely stored.

Onto Building your Base

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