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Building Other Buildings
Only your Nerve Center Jitter has been encoded to build itself. All other Jitters must be built using other construction facilities. Before you can build an object, you must place it into the correct facility. All building Jitters must be stored in the Nerve Center. All Weapon Jitters must be stored in the Weapon Plant...and so forth.

Weapons Plant
1. Double Click on your Nerve Center to expand the Nerve Center inventory. Find the "Weapon Plant" Jitter, left click on the icon to select it and then click "BUILD" in the top right. If you haven't mined enough Transium, you will receive a warning. Look at the Weapon Plant Jitter and take note of the Build cost. This is shown as "TU$". When you have mined enough Transium, build the Weapon Plant.
2. Move the Buildings proxy somewhere conveniently close to the Nerve Center and Left Click to execute a build order. You can build all other buildings the same way.

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Resources Getting Started Chat Commands Stats Credits Slang


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