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Project Visitor In Game Commands

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In Game Commands

%worldchat - Toggles Worldchat on/off

%corpchat - Toggles CorpChat on/off

%wc {msg} - Type this command and a message after to speak in worldchat. (default key is 'O')

%cc {msg} - Type this command and a message after to speak to your corporation. (default key is 'P')

%chatfilter - Turns chatfilter on/off

%ignorelist - Display the players that you are ignoring

%ignoreadd {playername} - This command followed by the players name (lowercase is fine) will add this player to your ignore list.

%ignoreremove {playername} - This command followed by the players name (lowercase is fine) will remove the player from your ignore list.

%yell {Playername} - To Private message a player, Example %yell TheMartian Hi.

%tutorial - Toggles newbie tutorial on/off

%clear - Sends the All clear alert to your mdn along with the camp id your in.

%version - Display the version of the game.

%ping - Get what the servers thinks your last ping was. (updates every 5 seconds or so)

%stats - Get your assets, V$'s, avatars tanked, camps owned, camps conquered, and game time played. (updates once per login)

%jits - count of jits in current camp (built and not built, not including those on avatar)

%mousescroll - turn mouse edge scrolling on and off for maps/windows

%calc - as calculator to do a calculation for you, use '%calc ?' for help

%lock - lock your main

%unlock - unlock you main

%help - Display the commands list.

%prod - Will display actual camp production, wells, and turret count.

%level {level number} - Will display stats related to supplied level number

%targetcursor - Turn targeting cursor on and off. Handy for screenshots and videos.


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