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Project Visitor Gameplay Instructions
You can also get help on Discord Invite yourself at Invite


Quick useful commands, type %help into chat for list. Hit 'F' key to go in and out of mouselook.

Hit '\' key to quickly switch chat channels. Hit enter to go into command/chat mode, type in command/chat, then hit enter again.

You can acess these instructions at any time by hitting the "F1" key.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Themartian at

The project visitor forums are also a great place to search for advice and help.

New users, be sure to check out the Starter Guide.

>Starter Guide

>General guide

We would like to thank everyone involved for believing in this project and making it happen. Without all your help and support, none of this would be possible. You stood behind us through thick and thin and really came through when the going got tough. You are all heroes.



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Fast fun, MMO thats both a FPS and a RTS game. A MMORTS that allows you to build the world around you, a true collectible economy. A MMORTS that paved the way for others. The first MMORTS/FPS, and still the only truly persi stent state world(PSW) MMORTS game out there.