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PATCH : 1416 - June 13, 2020

  • All patches and updates since the last version release (March)

  • Guardian count left is displayed in world view when you click on a PVE camp

  • Guardians come in waves, waves get harder as you progress, rewards get better

  • In NC mode, you can see the fire ranges for rovers when you select them

  • Alt + Shift will select 5 from a stack now

  • Mountains of tweaks to Guardians hit points, damage, resistance, mods they wear, etc

    • Thank you to our Community for helping to fine tune all that stuff!

    • Increased TU drops from Guardians

    • Added Reward tiers, further you get the better the rewards

    • Visitor camps need to be 5 days old to turn into PVE camps

    • PVE camps will reset back to visitor camps after 14 days

    • Main Guardian buildings are invincible until you defeat all the Guardians

    • Weaponless rovers are selected last (so your erts last longer)

  • MLGS are in uber packs again

  • Mines moved to the wells/silos filter list instead of being part of the turrets list

  • Meglaths no longer tilt on hilly terrain, they walk like goliaths

  • Force players out of holes when they try to hide in them, for PVE camps

  • Fixed defend not working with your rovers in PVE camps

  • When you build a new NC you can dismantle the old one

  • Sped up mouse responsiveness on the inventory pages

  • F11 Screenshot cycles the files names correctly now


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