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PATCH : 1389 - February 1st, 2019

  • Email alerts no long contain the raiders name

  • Email alerts can take up to two hours to be sent (1min to 2hrs)

  • Slight increase to Hyra's range

  • Defenders now require appropriate asset levels to defend

  • ARM costs reduced 50%

  • Enemy rovers can no longer fire from perimeter

  • Enemy rovers must get 50% closer to forcefield to teleport out

  • OU, increase in damage, faster firing, more hitpoints

  • Beam Turret, slight increase in damage, increase in hitpoints

  • HALO, slight reduction in movement speed, slight reduction in flying height

  • Recuperative Armor, movement penalty added

  • Chaos Turret, slight range increase, hitpoints increased

  • Trebuchet Turret, increase in damage, increase in hitpoints

  • Hellpit, slight increase in damage, slight increase in range

  • Phoenix, slight increase in range

  • Regenerator, large increase in bulk

  • Medkit, small increase in bulk, slight decrease in healing

  • Barrage Turret, decreased damage, increased the number of shots

  • Tsunami, slight decrease in range, slight decrease in splash

  • Fix applying modifier to building, check building HP not the mods HP

  • Mods cannot be applied to a building if it is damaged


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