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PATCH : 1356 - February 27th, 2017

  • Added three more templates to the ARM bringing the total to 9

  • NEW AOE rover weapons!!!!!!!!

    • HP100 hellpit like AOE weapon

    • Chaos Mini, Choas based AOE weapon

  • New Heavy Chain and Barrage Skins

  • New Sky texture

  • All new animated corporate flags!

  • Can blow up the terrain detail(bushes, rocks, etc)

    • They come back but ready for when new terrain detail gets in

  • New Medic texture

  • New Obelisk, model, texture, spinning crystal

  • New Star chart and planet texture for world view

  • Fixed for long running graphics crash, prevelant in major rover battles

    • Solid test case, confirmed fixed, most common graphics crash

  • Reworked Jammer Tech, the more you have the less likely the OU will fire

  • GL's can be raided without worrying about asset limits

  • Hod, SLM, MASC, Tain, no longer avatar only weapons

  • Lord weapons tweaked based on corporation, EX more splash, TC better accuracy, etc.

  • KLAW, few more shots per minute from 18 to 22

  • Assimilator can be used over and over until durability runs out

    • Must have enough TU for each use


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