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PATCH : 1356 - July 25th, 2016

  • Added three more templates to the ARM bringing the total to 9

  • Fixed a bug with the new rewardable uber packs (thanks for the help pv'ers!)

  • Fix for vengy's custom avatar

  • Fix for armor not adjusting movement speed correctly on the avatar

  • Fix for OU, it will now fire one third of the time if target is wearing jammer

    • It was not firing at all before

  • All gears now have 0 assets so they can be built even when maxed out on assets

    • Example, camp is maxed, now you can build regens

  • Increased the RP for the UN turrets and walls

  • Titanium slugs increase in damage

  • Materials upgrade, more accuracy

  • Kevlar, removed accuracy but added movement

  • Armor piercing set to 10% range and 10% damage

  • Max asssets allowed to build in a camp is now one million


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