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PATCH : 1355 - May 31st, 2016

  • New stats tracking added for upcoming PVE update (see on stats pages)

  • Can provide uber packs as loot rewards for PVE

  • Fix how we determine defense points versus raiding points

  • Tier 2 assets will now earn additional TIC based on age of camps

  • Reduced teleport costs for over level 100 and you can lower them by building camps

  • MDN size increased back to 20

  • Greatly increased the hitpoints for UN turrets (mortar, cannon, chain)

  • Tweaked some less commonly used items

    • Kevlar Dampeners +1 acc

    • Firewall Armor +5 res

    • Medic 5 bulk, -3TU

    • Armor piercing +5 dmg

    • Plated Skeleton +5 res


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