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PATCH : 1350 - March 31st, 2016

  • Added pop-up for when you will lose asset protection for over asset limit

  • New custom avatar for Vengy

  • Fix for rovers not animating correctly when they walk

  • Fix for bad state NC letting you relocate buildings(which could break you account)

  • Fix for occasionally invisible chat

  • Fix for accounts that would get stuck at login screen and could not finish login

  • Fix for Super Heavy Well causing extra TU drain when build in camps

  • Can no longer teleport other players with your teleport matrix

  • Reflectivity, Grounded Wires, Vulcanization, EM Shielding bumped to 10% res

  • Cleaned up some less than useful client log messages

  • Redo of the bulk settings for all levels

  • Tweaked RP on low level jitters

  • Switched extended rover grouping keys around (Alt#-Assign, Shift#-Select)


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Fast fun, MMO thats both a FPS and a RTS game. A MMORTS that allows you to build the world around you, a true collectible economy. A MMORTS that paved the way for others. The first MMORTS/FPS, and still the only truly persi stent state world(PSW) MMORTS game out there.