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PATCH : 1382 - Novemeber 19th, 2018

  • *New* Instant and Modded Uber base kit available in Black Market.

  • Replaced Paltalk with Vengys Vent on blimps

  • Reprocessing of all the over amplitude weapon sounds

  • Shadow Mark rover is now tagged as a flyer

  • HP100 fire rate reduced slightly

  • Minichaos damage increased slightly

  • Transteel projecile damage slightly increased

  • Spotter Tower now buffs turrets

  • Megalith and Guardian Blimp FP increased

  • All Guardian rovers can carry any weapon class

  • Fix for needing one non-hidden camp to raid enemies

  • Guardian wells are now included in camp conquer check

  • Mods cannot be applied to a building if it is damaged

  • F3 now works in admin camps

  • When using Regens you can try again if target out of range

  • Fix for when rovers command sounds would play when no rover selected


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